ProBikeKit Website Design

I worked with ProBikeKit for over 10 years, designing everything from the website to cycling clothing ranges.

Starting with ProBikeKit in the businesses early years, allowed me to not only to work with one of the cycling industry’s largest online retailers, but also to define the ProBikeKit brand. During my career with ProBikeKit the website has taken many different forms, the most recent of which is the product of over a decade of ecommerce insight.

My role: ,
ProBikeKit Website Design, Home Page Design

Home Page Design

The latest ProBikeKit website design needed to combine simple easy to use functionality with the user experience and imagery to convey ProBikeKit’s real passion for cycling.

I wanted the website to be as clean and as simple as possible whilst still conveying ProBikeKit’s passion for the sport. It was also very important not to forget about the main purpose of the website, to sell product! With a larger search bar, simple navigation structure and well structured product pages, made the ProBikeKit website easier than ever to use.

ProBikeKit Website Design

Product Page Design

The most important element to any ecommerce product page design is a clear, easy to use interface that guides the user to one action, buy our product! ProBikeKit’s product page design is the outcome of over a decade of multi variant testing and industry know how.

ProBikeKit Product Page Website Design

Gareth is an exceptionally talented designer and webmaster with the rare attribute of being able to emotionally engage the customer through web and product design without losing sight of commercial and trading objectives. A great team player who genuinely puts the business and his team first and refuses to compromise on the quality of output. One of the good guys.

- Mark McCance, CEO ProBikeKit