Social Media

With 1.1 billion people using Facebook each month, 80% of which connect to 1 or more brands. It makes sense to have a presence in these ever growing social communities.

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linkdin, are just a few examples of Social websites people are spending increasingly more of their time, checking in to these sites multiple times each day. Done correctly, Social Media Marketing can be a very powerful tool in your business marketing strategy.

A well constructed campaign can help deliver increased sales, offer uptake and customer acquisition. Social Media Marketing is not just about selling your products, it also gives your customers a voice. This can be invaluable resource connecting your business to its customers, allows you to gain constructive feedback on what they like about your company and what they think you could improve upon.

Social Media Marketing is a very measurable and quick way to get your products and services out to a larger audience. However it can be difficult to create the right type of campaign for your business that Social Media Users will respond to rather than ignore. This is where Krank Creative can help, we have had the necessary experience to know what social audiences like or dislike . We have built vast communities of followers for companies such as ProBikeKit, who started with no followers and now exceeds 50 thousand across Facebook and twitter.

Krank Creative can help you create, manage and track your Social Media pages and campaigns to build your brand awareness and connect you with your customers. Get in contact with Krank Creative today for a FREE marketing consultation and start building your Social Media Community!